Healthy Diet For Kids – 3 Tricks How to Ensure Your Milk-Rejecting Child Gets Enough Calcium

In general, kids love milk. But some of them simply don’t. That wouldn’t even be a problem if milk wasn’t one of the healthiest foods you can find. Milk contains almost all important nutrients in perfect balance. Its proteins are exactly the ones we need, and it’s an excellent source of calcium which is important for strong bones and healthy teeth.Children have a higher need for calcium and proteins than us adults, for these are important building stones for a healthy development. If your child rejects milk, it can be hard to ensure he will get enough of these nutrients.But did you know that there are ways to get the benefits of milk without actually drinking it? Here are three easy tricks how you can get your child to have milk and help him to overcome his aversion.
Use milk products instead Make milk tastier Hide the milk in sweet foods Trick #1: Use milk products instead

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Even if your child hates milk, chances are good that he will eat yoghurt or cheese. Since these are made out of milk, they contain the same nutrients. Instead of forcing the milk in, let your child eat more of these foods.

Pack yogurt into his lunch box and serve yoghurt as a snack. Avoid buying sweetened yogurts packed with health-harming colorants and preservatives. Buy plain yoghurt and mix it with fresh fruit or homemade jam. Serve cornflakes or muesli with yoghurt. With chopped fresh fruit, a couple of raisins and chopped nuts this also tastes great. No need for milk. Make cheese sandwiches. To make them more interesting, cut toast and cheese in shapes with cookie cutters, or paint faces on with tomato paste. Serve a cheese platter with cheese types your child loves. Let them come in bite-sized pieces or funny shapes (remember the cookie cutters). Cheese kebabs with grapes or cherry tomatoes are a nice snack. Ice cream is also something your child is likely to love. But leave that one for treats (because of the lot of sugar in there) and combine it with fresh fruit or fruit puree. Trick #2: Make milk tastier

A great winter drink is hot milk with a teaspoon of honey in, or a bit of cinnamon or vanilla essence. Fruity smoothies are another great option. Blend milk and soft fruit like banana, strawberries or raspberries in an electric blender until smooth. Maybe your child would like some honey, vanilla or cinnamon mixed in. Trick #3: Hide the milk in sweet foods

Few children say no to chocolate pudding. Use dark chocolate (it contains much less sugar than lighter versions) and serve it with fruit (e.g. cherries or strawberries). Prepare rice or semolina pudding for lunch. Mix fruit in to make it a healthy meal and avoid adding much sugar. You can also pop these puddings into the oven and bake them. Make a trifle or cheese cake with fruit for dessert. Use ricotta or smooth cottage cheese which are not so high in fat. These ideas should help you to be successful in the daily milk-and-calcium-battle. If you feel your child might give you problems, simply don’t tell him that there’s milk in the food. Give him a chance to grow to love it first.

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And don’t worry so much about him not wanting milk. Children often outgrow their aversions. Some day, they just start eating these foods they initially rejected. But even if your child never grows to love milk – that’s absolutely no drama as long as he eats enough other foods to get all important nutrients.